Reply To: Rock Shox bottoming out on top of the tire, help needed


Thanks Jeremy and Steve, I think it’s filled to the low 40’s.
As I remove the fill needle I cover the fill hole with the thumb of the opposite hand, then pickup the screwdriver previously loaded with the fill screw, then as I uncover the fill hole, I quickly replace the fill screw.
It’s definitely a Ninja move, Lol.
Now with the index adjusters on the lowest setting I can barely force the fork to move, only about 1/4" as I jump on it with my full weight. When the index adjusters are on the highest setting I can not get the fork to budge, I have to thank Jesus for this.
I picked the bike up at a yard sale Friday, and am very pleased with it.
At the same time, I’m also concerned that I can be injured if a seal in this fork fails. Has anyone ever heard of a bike injury due to the seals in the fork failing?
My rigid frame seem much safer.
Let me know what you think.
I appreciate everyone’s viewpoint.