Reply To: Rock Shox bottoming out on top of the tire, help needed


Thanks very much Jeremy. According to Sram my bronze color fork was not included in the recall, I’m still leery about using this fork. If it would have been in the recall, they would replace it with one of their Dart branded models. I find it offensive that Sram would replace a defective upper tier item with a lower tier item.
I can’t seem to get more than about 25 PSI of air into this shock because most of the air that I have pumped in rushes out, after I remove the fill needle, and before I can replace the set screw, regardless of how much I pump in. Do you have any suggestions?
With the dampening set to the lowest, I can get the shock to bottom out on the top of the tire if I put all of my weight, 208lbs. on the handle bars and press down with all of my strength. With the dampening set to the highest, I can not get the shock to bottom out on to the tire. I will feel more comfortable if I can get about 40 lbs of air into the shock. I’m using the gauge on my floor type bike pimp to estimate the air PSI in the shock.
Thanks again,