Reply To: click in shoes


I had my big toe nail ripped completely off last season while riding DH. So i switched to riding my xc bike on flat pedals. As far as generally pedaling along, there wasn’t much of a difference. I tried a few different skate shoes that i already owned. They weren’t that great because they didn’t grip the pedals that well and they made my feet tired because of all of the flex in the sole. So i started pedaling with my 510 DH shoes. Those were much better. Your feet don’t get tired, and they don’t move anywhere with those shoes. They don’t move at all. The only disadvantage of riding flat pedals uphill is when you have to lunge up something and you’re in a techy section. You can’t pull the bike up and over anything. It’s damn near impossible because your feet will just come right off the pedals when you try to lunge especially if you’re in an area with a lot of rocks and roots.

I actually like to ride downhill in SPD’s and on flats. I ride more aggressive lines when on flat pedals and i can turn a lot better because i can lean the bike more without popping out of the pedals. But when i ride SPD’s downhill, i’m a lot smoother. I can loft over rocks and roots and unweight the bike a lot easier because i’m attached to it.

I prefer flats for DH, and spd’s for trail riding and xc. I used to ride DH with spd’s, but i don’t dare now. I take a lot more chances on the DH bike now than before and i need the security of knowing that i can put a foot down at high speed and put it right back on the pedal if i need to. It’s not that i couldn’t put a foot down while riding DH with SPD’s. It’s just really hard to get clipped back in while you’re cruising down a trail that’s rocky and rutted.