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"BFD" wrote

Hey Zombi…
I’ve heard of one guy towing a trailer with all his supplies (Food, water, shelter, etc.) and he did the trail in one day! I know, huh?
We’re planning a full day before the ride of just driving to different spots along the trail and setting up our own drop points, how we’ll secure things so they don’t get snagged by animals or other riders is another question…but once we’ve got things set up we’ll just drive back to the start and go from there.
From what I know, typically this ride is done with large groups over 5-6 days with support vans that meet you at campsites every evening with all of the supplies you’ll need, mostly water, which is non-existent along the trail.

you can do it in a day?! crazy. yeah i’ve just heard of the multiple day excursions. One day sounds much more plausible for unsupported. Have fun!