Re: Fox upgrades

"element22" wrote

Fox upgrade to a RLC :

820-05-063-KIT Kit: Topcap Assy: 09 32 80_100 RLC
820-04-135-KIT Kit: Fork Sub-Group: 09 32 120 RLC Cartridge Assy and Hardware

Now to upgrade to the Poploc use this instead:

820-00-204-KIT Kit: Cable Holder Assy, 09 Remote RL
820-00-248-KIT Kit: 09 Remote Lockout Lever Assy with Cable Housing and Ferrules
820-05-054-KIT Kit: 09 32 Remote RL Topcap Assy

That link will navigate you to the remote site that has all the information
you have to go to service
then forks
then FRL remote and is all there.

Just to confirm, To upgrade the fork to a RLC will i still need the 820-04-135-KIT 09 32 120 RLC Cartridge Assy and Hardware or do these parts come in the 820-05-054. Certainly would like to install the poploc & upgrade to RLC. Really appreciate your help. How good is the fos site! awesome product support!