Reply To: advice please


You might have a hard time talking a bike shop into letting you ride a bike on a trail before you actually buy it unless they have a demo bike.

I had a Mongoose Teocali the year they came out. that bike was awesome. i’d still have one if it weren’t just a tad too small for me. Now i have a GT I drive 5 XL. They’re owned by the same company, but they both have great qualities.

If it’s your first full suspension bike, i’d say that you should just do a little bit of research, check the bike fitment, then just get the one that you think looks the best or is the best deal. Being new to the sport can sometimes be a blessing. When you don’t know much about it, you can ignore all of the techy stuff that some people talk about. You won’t even notice hardly any of it when you ride unless you really think about it. When i ride, i just ride. I’m thinking about my legs hurting, my lungs hurting, or I’m thinking of that next big turn i’m going to rail. I don’t think about how good my bike pedals, or how well that pedaling platform performs, or the geometry of the bike. I just ride. All of that stuff can be tweaked a bit by your riding style. Don’t get caught up in they hype. Just make sure you don’t get something from a department store.