Reply To: Check out this Sick DH video!!

"GoldenGoose" wrote

Seen that one before and yeah those guys are hauling some serious arse. But, I’d totally drop an elbow on one of them if I were one of the multiple riders in front of them that they just ran right off the course. Maybe I don’t speak French well enough but it don’t recall hearing them say "incoming" or "excuse me" or even "on your right" while they blew past people in the turns. Some were smart enough to hear them coming and get over but others had no chance.

Here’s another DH Speed video for you if you haven’t already seen it. Turn up your volum so you can hear the commentators, they make the video.


😆 That’s funny! Yeah those two weren’t the most polite DH’ers with their passing ettiquette. They should have waited a little and passed in a more safe and polite manner in better spots…but that’s just me. The course was sick though and had some serious exposure in areas. Man, I wanna ride that course on a DH sled.