Reply To: Got any pics of your FR demon?

"ChiliPepper" wrote

Dang bro, I love that orange color, that totally rocks. Just like the color of my R9.


BTW, that is a sweet looking Banshee! What is the travel on that sled? 😄

WoW! That is three bikes I have seen today here on Singletracks that have this sick looking orange color. Totally rockin!

Orange is sick, and def. underrated. My prophet was orange also. It has 6" 7" and 8" of travel, but the 6 and 7 positions are so raked out that they are useless. I think they had it backward when they designed it. Why would they have put the lower travel settings at a slacker HA? Maybe im missing something. Anyway, I leave it in the 8" setting.