Reply To: What’s in your pack?


1. Multi tool.-You never know when you’ll need to do maintenance on your bike.
2. Two tubes-Yep. Two. I’ve been unlucky enough to get two flats on my bike on one ride. I don’t do patch kits. It’s almost faster to just put in a new tube and it doesn’t cost much. Plus, i always run slime.
3. Snacks-Could be granola bars, CLIF bars, or gummi cola. Anything is better than nothing.
4. Pump-I carry a pump that works with both valves. Gotta have the pump if you gotta change a tube.
5. Tire Levers-Can’t change a tube without them most of the time. I carry metal ones made by Park. they’re heavy, but i’ve broken too many plastic ones and cracked my knuckles too much.
6. Water-Always fill my camelback. Never really know how much water i’m going to want on a ride.
7. Cell phone-never know when you are going to break your bike or need someone to pick you up.
8. wallet-sometimes you have to park in some sketchy places. I’d rather have my wallet on me if someone breaks in to my truck.
9. Toilet paper-Never had to use it in 12 years of riding until i went to Moab this fall. Don’t ask.