"Mongoose" wrote

[quote="salsa_29":3cp7cpfv]Has anyone rode a pump track for training? Is it worth the work to build one and does it get boring after a week?
Does anyone have pointers for making one?

Yes, I ride our local pump track at least once a week and it does make for some exceptional training and fun. I would definitely say it is more than worth it to build one, especially if built right and NO, it never gets boring unless you are not into having fun riding a bike. I have never built one so I could not give you any sound advice as per pointers for making one. I do know that you want to design it so that you can ride through it without pedaling, you’ll see what I mean in the outside pump track video below. I have never rode in a inside pump track but it does look very interesting. I have a blast on our local pump track.

Good luck brother!

Inside pump track:

Outside pump track:[/quote:3cp7cpfv]

I just watched that outside pump track video, that sh*t is awesome. If only I had a backyard to build one in. Probably a good thing I don’t have one cause I wouldn’t make it to work very often. Are there many of these that are open to the public?