Thanks for all the comments and advice. I did four races total for the season, including two winterpark races. So, in hindsight…what would did I learn? 1) Don’t push too hard too early, 2) don’t worry about the "other guy", 3) there is a right way and a wrong way to train (training with a heart-rate monitor in the right zone helps), 4) don’t eat too much before the race, but eat the right thing, 5) know yourself and keep track of how long there is left in the race, 6) bring minimal equipment, but bring the right stuff!, 7) eat and drink enough during the race, 😎 have fun, 9) it’s worth it!

I’m planning on racing more next season, but am not planning on signing up for a series. I have few in mind. Hope to see you out there! I’m the guying huffing it up hills on the Mamasita 😀