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My unit came with a Base Maps and a 2GB microSD card with NA maps on it. Also mine came with the Cadence and Heart monitor. This was all part of the REI bundlethat I bought.


As far as software, NIL. Nada A CD with the operators manual. The manual has two links to garmin where you [color=darkblue:308xgz33][i:308xgz33]download Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center.[/i:308xgz33] [/color:308xgz33]

I also picked up the 2008 TOPO maps DVD. This has some software and I downloaded to my GPS the local TOPO maps. I’m not sure when I look at the GPS map on the display if I’m really seeing TOPO data. I know it is there because the Menus show it.

I’ll take some pictures of some of the screens and post them. Also I’ll try and edit the points using the MapSource program.

I’m not a bit notepad text person. I’d rather use TextPad or the editor with Visual Studio. Stay tunded to further updates as I learn more…