Reign 2

Just wondering how your getting on with the bike? Just trying to decide between the trace x 1 or the marin rift zone

I’m no pro Mnt. Biker, but I’ve raced MX several times in my life, and I’ve put about 20 miles on the Reign 2 so far, and my opinion is the Rear shock is Great(Fox RP2), Front forks are not.. or maybe I got a lemon fork.. It’s harsh on big hits and harsh on small hits.. the lockout works good, but the "plushness" isn’t there.. I DON’T LIKE IT. Everything else is great, bike pedals great, feels light, and has a very comfortable seating position for me. I was looking at the Trance X series when I bought the Reign, I’m 90% sure the Trance would do anything "I" can do on the Reign 2, and probably pedal a little easier. I think the tires on the Reign are a little large for my usage.. It’s a great bike overall, but.. depending on your use, the Trance X with lighter weight and better suspension might be the best bet for "all around use".. but I’m definitely not the expert here..