Thanks for the information.. I have been looking for a long time to replace my Trek Fuel 70, its very twitchy at speed when the trail gets the least bit rough. My kids just got New Ironhorse Yakuza (what they wanted not me), My wife picked up a Giant Yukon, so its finally my turn.

I don’t have a LBS that has any Hi Fi’ to test, but looking at it, the riding position looks more racy than what I’m looking for. The Trance looks to have a more upright riding position from what I can tell (I Havn’t ridden or seen a hifi in person, just opinion).

I’m currently trying to figure out the weight of the 08 Reign 2. I saw one review that mentioned 29.5 & The Trance X2 weighs 27.5 I’m not sure I would notice a huge difference pedaling 29.5 vs. 27.5 and I would have 6" travel.