Reply To: Jamis Dakar XAM?? and other possible XC AM bikes


Thanks, for the tips/advice Bombardier. The devil on my shoulder is telling me to get a Nomad. If I am going to fork out some sizable cash, I might as all stretch a bit and get the bike I really want. Once the trails dry up a local shop rents high end bikes for demo with the fee going towards a future purchase. I’ve read rave reviews of the Nomad, and being a bigger rider I like the idea of a beefier, do anything trail bike for all day rides. I also wouldn’t mind something capable of a moderate chairlift run from time to time, but also capable of climbing the all day…( well half day, the other half is downhill :-)). Maybe that is being too greedy.

I have heard great things of the VPP suspension, but funky things about the current VPP pivots and bearings; creaking and frequent need to replace. However I also read amongst info for the redesigned ’08 Blur LT that SC also especially redesigned the bearings for greater durabilty. i assume they would use the same redesigned bearings for the ’08 nomads as well.