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I think that was a picture of me and my girlfriend way back. But you have to understand, it was a practical decision. The girl had no parts that would rust (although every now and then she would freeze up). Unlike the bike, she was high maintenance. The bike loved it when I gave it a full day of abuse (good upbringing and judgment precluded abusing a woman). If the bike went flat, it cost $2.47 to fix (you can figure the other side out). If the Bike got lubed it climbed hills like a demon, (when the girl got lubed, she would climb up on a table and dance). The bike went where I told it to (yeah, you know the rest of this one too). The bike usually only got temperamental about once a year (the girl was more like once a month). The bike was always responsive (well you get the picture).

So you see… the tent arrangements just made sense.