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Here’s a great night riding story for all of you.

I was out night riding with my dog a few years ago in early fall. It was a full moon that night so I was periodically shutting my light off to save some battery time. I slowed down and was getting ready for the last climb back to the parking lot when my dog took off into the woods after something. I stopped and I could hear a lot of leaves getting rustled around and something other than my dog running through the woods.

I clicked my light back on, but couldn’t really see much through the trees on what was running or where it was going. Anyway, I didn’t think much of it and just stopped and waited for the dog. He came running back to me within a minute or two with something in his mouth. I couldn’t see what he had at first, but as he circled me a couple of times it sort of looked like a shirt or something.

Finally after I offered him his last treat he came over to me with a pair of very nice lacy panties in his mouth. Now I didn’t actually pick these things up and examine them, but other than some dog slobber, they looked to be pretty clean and like they hadn’t been there for very long.

Apparently I must have interrupted this couple mid way through their moment of bliss and my dog chased them away before they could finish getting dressed. I guess that’s just one more thing that I never expected to see while on a bike.

That would actually make for a pretty interesting book as I’m sure everyone has came across some unusual activities while riding.