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"fleetwood" wrote

[quote="JamesJB":1oj5e0tk]This is my Mountain Bike;

This bike almost didn’t happen.
Here is the story,i went to walmart about a year ago with around $200 and got what i thought would be a nice bike,well one day i went to my local bike shop to see if i could get some accessories for it like a front and back light,a trunk,etc. Well while i was inside i had my bike in there bike stand the (front tire) outside,well there must have been some wind cause when i came out the bike was on its side,i was about to leave when i noticed the front tire was bent like a egg shape 😠 ,if it wasn’t for the bike shop guy fixing it for free i would of had to walk about 6 miles. Well after that i went home asked my father to take me back and the bike back to walmart and got my money back,After that i went back to Curt’s Cyclery and took the $200 and put it down on the bike above,within about 2 or 3 months i had a nice bike finally 😃 😃 😃

So far the bike is great,i’m happy with it.
I ride it pretty much everywhere,on the road and on the trails at Jacobsburg State Park in Nazareth,Pa.

Hey James. I just replied to another post of yours about upgrades. One thing you might try for trail riding, if possible, is removing the rear rack and bag. That’s a nice set up for commuting, but it could skew the geometry/handling a bit, especially depending on the weight. If you can ride the trails without that while you build your bike handling skills and endurance, it might help.[/quote:1oj5e0tk]

Yea i plan too,i took that on the trails and almost lost my bike lock,some how the zipper opened on the trunk and my bike lock went flying out of the trunk lol. Just need to find a decent back pack that isn’t heavy so i can put my phone and stuff in it. Also i did take the trunk off once cause i needed to clean it and wow what a difference on weight,it felt like a feather.