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You might try a lube called King of Lubes. I’ve been using the Extreme lube(blue color) all summer and so far it’s worked like the company claims. It a dry lube and it repels dirt really well. It’s definitely the best lube I have used so far. A good riding buddy turned me onto this stuff and he’s been using it for a couple of years and loves it! It’s hard to find not all shops carry it. If you live in Denver, CO there’s one shop I go to named Bicycle Pedal’R located in Highlands Ranch at University and County Line Rd. that carries the King of Lubes brand. I’ve been in several shops around town and have only found it there but I’ve only been in shops in the Littleton, Lakewood area and I’m sure there are other shops out there that carry it. I’m sure you could order it online too if you did a little search. I tend to lube my chain every 3-4 days of riding(about every 60-100 miles of riding). If you haven’t bought any lube yet you should give this stuff a try. 😃