Blow outs


Hi Jeff
Yes, they’re Presta. Took it in today and they warrantied the tube. It had failed at the base of the valve stem. Loaded the bike and took it to Osage Hills to ride. Unloaded and was pushing it up to the stone building to lean it against while I geared up and the front tire blew this time. Didn’t even get to plant my a** in the seat. Loaded up and back to the bike shop. Warrantied that one also. Another failure at the valve base. Running 40#. Went back to the standard tubes, still have the tube protectors in. Didn’t get to try them out though as it was getting late enough in the day had to get home. Plan on hitting Osage Hills this weekend though and will see what happens.
What brand is the Presta slime filled? The didn’t have them at the LBS in B’ville. That’s why the ‘thorn resistant’ by Boulenger (?)
Hope to make it back to Horizon soon and see what’s beyond that 2 mile point. Hopefully not another flat 😉

Later, z