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The only thing you might loose by not running a v-brake lever is adjustability and sometimes the leverage ratio might be a little off which might give you a stretchy modulation feel at the lever but if you say they work real good then there’s probably not any reason for you to run different levers. You’ve got some real good brakes!! 😎 I still run them on my main bike and have no reason to change unless I get a new fork and or bike frame that doesn’t have brake bosses. Disc work great but you don’t get the same feel like you do with v-brakes unless you get the nice pricy ones and I know that disc brakes take a longer time to fade (if your running six inch disc and bombing the downhills like your crazy 😛 ) but unless your bombing the downhills and or your on a heavy bike or both I feel the v-brakes are the way to go. So go out and enjoy the best rim brakes ever made! 😃