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Ok I think I was the one who said something about parents. Here’s the deal, I know it’s not always the parents fault but in most cases it is. When I grew up I was taught right from wrong and ya I did a lot of things that are considered bad when I was young like jumping off stairs and poaching the city parks at night when their closed so you can find some awesome obsticals to have fun on and many more bad things that I will not get into, yes I knew what I was doing was bad but that’s not I was talking about. I was responding to how these kids were riding on sidewalks and running into PEOPLE, when I did all my fun but bad things I made sure not to hit anyone well unless it was my friends of course, 😆 but my whole point is that kids and everyone should have respect for others and I feel that respect should be something that parents should teach there kids at an early age, also I don’t really care what bikes kids are riding but if you pay attention to the kids that are riding nice bikes you’ll start seeing which one’s have respect and which one’s don’t and the one’s that don’t have any are the one’s the parents went out and bought them a nice bike just so they don’t have to deal with their kids, trust me I’ve been working in the retail business for most of my working career and I see it everyday. So I don’t care if kids go out and do bad things or things they shouldn’t do fund but bad things because it might hurt them but they should make sure they check around them before jumping off a set of stairs and landing on other people (unless it’s their friends 😆 ) and putting them in harms way. Oh ya it’s not just kids too, there’s a bunch of adults 18 and up that still need to be taught some respect too 😃 . SO ALL I’M SAYING IS THAT WE ALL SHOULD HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT!!! 😃 Alright let’s put this behind us and lets all go out and have a great next ride!!!! 😃 😃