We are turning the sport into Golf for crying out loud!

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Look, I grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Virginia. My Huffy Prothunder IV days were during the late 70’s and early 80’s. I had a few cool mongoose upgrades (when mongoose was still cool) and “snake belly” tires. Always wanted a Hutch though… Anyway, we had no trails to my knowledge and we certainly had no mountain bikes. What we had was a whole lot of energy, great parenting, and a solid education. I distinctly remember doing a lot of dumb stuff on my bikes with a lot of average suburbanite kids. I don’t think my parents had anything to do with it either. Unless you want to blame them for putting a bike under the seat of a typical kid. Hmmmm, there was the time we placed a ramp at the top of an already steep drop just so we could get even bigger airs, the time we all lay on the ground while buddies jumped over us like “Evil” jumped over cars and trucks, or when we jumped our bikes into the local lake. We could have broken our necks soooooo many times and some did somewhere, I am sure. I guess what I am trying to say is, remember your youth. Don’t be so critical and judgemental of today’s youth. If you are still riding your bikes, yer still one of ’em!!! It’s all relative anyway. My co-workers at the office think I am nuts for “playing in traffic” or “tearing up the trails”. When I see kids jumping off sidewalks and flying down parking decks, I think to myself…good for them. Maybe we’re all a little envious (maybe not of the bikes) because they can do what we are afraid to do. They ride uninhibited, it’s pure, it’s honest and they don’t care what anyone thinks. I admire them. I wish I had the nerve to show up at my next mountain bike race on a NEXT. The truth is, I’d be embarassed and I know some of you out there would rather stay at home than be seen on such a low-grade ride. We could take a few clues from these kids and loosen up a bit…just ride,don’t critique it. We are turning the sport into Golf for crying out loud!