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Geez, This sounds like AA for Mountain Bikers…..

Hi, My Name is Eric and I’m a roadie…. 😆 😆

But Seriously, I absolutely LOVE my Mountain bikes. I have two. I also LOVE my Road bikes I have two, And NOW recently I LOVE my Cyclocross bike (Only one of those). There is a nice little mountain bike park near my house (Jack Brooks just south of Houston) Anyway I load up BOTH bikes in the truck, go to the park, Ride a lap or two in the dirt, then I change bikes and cloths and go for about a 40 mile road ride on the nice country roads down there. It’s a great way to spend a morning. And if you want that full body work out, Try it sometime. Do about 15 to 20 miles in the dirt hard then jump on a roadie for 40 to 50 miles. You will sleep well that night. It probably nearly the equivalent of a century ride on the road.

And if you own as many bikes as I do you have to ride a hell of a lot just to make sure you show them all the love they need and deserve right? Plus if I don’t ride one of them for over a month my wife wants me to sell one. I cant do that!

My Stable:
Mountain: Marin Hard tail with a Marzo 44 Fork/bb7’s etc. and a Specialized 29er stumpjumper FSR
Road: Giant Aliance TCR 2 and a Full Carbon Giant TCR SL
Cross: Giant TCX 1 (Awesome ride if you can only have one)