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Deers,I see them all the time in my parts,but never had any of them run beside me…
No, encounter was with a moose,(not a mouse!!!)
Was riding and enjoying myself on one of those mid-week ride where nobody is around,just me and nature,when from my left I hear this heavy rusltling sound,branchs cracking,I knew it was something big.It kept on getting closer and I’m slowing down,getting ready to Do whatever was needed,when just 10 feet in front of me a BIG,BROWN,MOOSE appears on the trail.I jammed the brakes and we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity,at the same time I’m scanning my surroundings to spot a big tree,if it charged,the bike would dropped and I would sprint around that tree.A tree was not needed,the moose stayed there for a bit more and got bored or something but we departed from this amicably…
More like,it left me uninjured.
They are REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY big when you encounter them as such a close proximity.
Chipmunks are really brave for their size,once I had one cross the trail tree times,just inches in front of my front wheel,then the next time,it crossed right throught my frame and ended CLAWED on my leg for a few secs,yes I did get scars and did get it checked at the hospital for rabbies and whatever …
One thing I’m glad we don’t have around,are snakes,I HATE THEM!!!!!