Reply To: Your best crash story


Worst crash… When i first started riding it was on small trails thru the woods in my neighborhood on the Gulf Coast that me and a buddy carved with a chainsaw and fourwheeler. We made some small hills one in particular right before a hard turn. We’re out riding one afternoon i’m out in front of my buddy and we’re twisting and turning thru the trail and coming up on that one special hill. I had a pretty good bit of speed and never expected to get airborne. I go sailing thru the air bout 6-7 ft off the ground straight towards a pine tree. I ditch the bike best i could. Have you ever seen George of the Jungle with Brendan Fraiser? When he faceplants the tree and his arms and legs wrap around it? I definitely pulled one of those " Watch out for that… BAM!…tree" moments Walked away with minor cuts and scraps but huge scars on my pride. LOL