Reply To: Hard Case Bike Box Suggestions


Borrowed a hard case box this last year from a friend, beleive it was a Thule. Made the weight limit but made it a point to only put bike in it and maybe a multi-tool. Most modern bikes I think come in around 30-35 lbs. Bike only plus weight of box and you should make the 50lbs. Put  your helmet and tools in your checked bag. Hopefully you will be traveling minimally with tools. Enought to get bike back together. I think the biggest thing is the size of the box. Felt my friends box was a bit on the smaller side and I ride a large bike compared to his medium. Called for more disassembly…more time and tools involved. My travel also had me going to a destination that had tools. If you can coordinate tools at your destination this saves alot on weight no matter where you would pack them.