Reply To: How do you repair tubeless flats on Fat Tires?


I was a late adopter of tubeless. I couldn’t see the benefit. Then because of job and family I might get to ride once a week and for a month straight each time my ride was either side tracked to fixing a flat or ended shortly. Went tubeless a little over 5 years ago and only had 2 flats that shortened rides both my fault. One was running to low a pressure and I knew and it go pinched in an awkward down tree, tired burped big. Still had enough to get down hill to vehicle. Other was a thorn the size of pencil lead. Should have left since I knew I needed to freshen up my sealant that I had not put new in about 6 months. Pulled it out and it leaked significantly. Still had enough sealant to slow leak down and get to car. Watch a few videos online on repairing. So much less time spent on flats and tires.