Reply To: Vintage mechanical disk brakes


Sorry, I guess I’m not in the “correct” forum for tech questions. Although I’m sure there are plenty of capable mechanics frequently here, I am just now figuring out that this site is geared towards riding and trails and gear for riding more than parts and mechanical stuff.
So with that said I’m sure many here are familiar with Colorado, but if not, you should be. There’s lots of great riding here. I don’t do extreme technical or any kind of competitive riding, I’m too old for all that now but there is plenty of any type of riding you may be into from paved flat trails to pretty tight switchbacks and lots of rocks… Oh and do I even need to say HILLS! Mountains… Lots and lots of mountains with hills on them… How’s that sound?
Anyway I took some pics of my brakes but this site don’t seem to like direct uploads from my devices and I don’t feel like all the hosting bs so I will go to another forum I belong to which is more tech geared and allows photo uploads. Thanks and happy trails…