Reply To: Anyone have a good rec. for a rear blinkie for night riding?


I like Planet Bike’s Superflash USB.

Right from the start you might not like it because it’s a mount + clip and not a strap, but I personally prefer that.  First, I want my gear to last for many years and those silicone ladder-style straps always fray and break eventually.  When the strap is built in, that’s the hard limit on how long the light will last.  Second, I like being able to clip it onto a bag or a belt if I’m not riding the bike that has the mount on it.

I got the battery-powered (2x AAA) version well over 15 years ago and it’s still working fine.  The button has gotten a little finicky and I’ve got some tape on the battery compartment, but it still works and the clip hasn’t snapped off, and I only have to change batteries every couple years anyway.  Wanting to switch to something rechargeable I tried a bunch of different lights from Surfas and Blackburn etc., but they all surprisingly quickly failed or broke or otherwise disappointed, and I ended up back with the rechargeable version of the Superflash.  I ride in alllllll weather and I’ve never had a problem with water intrusion, and the battery life on both versions is longer than I’ll ever need, especially in blinky mode.