Reply To: Would this be a good first bike?


I am going to start with the answer most give and it is it depends. Most on this site would probably tell you that if you really enjoy it that this a very beginner bike. This is a slight step above big box store bike and big box store bike is not the answer ever for mountain biking. I looked this bike up shortly and couple of things that jumped out immediately. One was the fork, the most expensive component besides the frame itself, I have never heard of. Two the drive train is either 2x or 3x. Most modern bikes now go with 1x and this started going this direction in back in around 2016 or maybe earlier. More things that make it heavier and can go wrong. KHS makes some good bikes but I believe this is on the low end. I am a bigger guy too 6’1″ and I am leery of low end bikes not handling my weight. First for you safety and second so you can really enjoy the sport I would recommend something better.

The MSRP on these bikes are around $500. If you are looking at used as I have always bought used, I would recommend a bike that the original MSRP was $,1000-$1,500. I would recommend becoming familiar with shocks. As I mentioned before this is the most expensive component on a hardtail.