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Sorry, just saw this!

–  I have no regrets with the Epic Evo at all. I love that machine. In fact, I did an XC race series locally (first one ever) as it was such an enjoyable and fast bike. I have the aforementioned Dissector/Rekon tire combo on there now, and the speed/traction combo is addicting. (I go with lighter tires for XC events). The bike is pretty easy to dress up or dress down for XC vs. trail riding.

I find the suspension to be plenty adequate for my rowdier days, but YMMV. It still is an “XC tune”  suspension so it leans on the firm side to give an efficient pedaling platform. It has handled the roughest stuff I’ve gone on; if anything, I simply need to pick lines more carefully.

I would have no problem recommending the Ripley or Spur or new Trail 429 either, though I have no experience on them (Blur TR looks great as well). I would imagine they would be more the light bike for trail riders, whereas the Epic Evo feels more like the aggressive bike for XC riders. I was very wary of going too heavy, so the EE fit the perfect spot for me. Others might fear going too light and opt for Spur/Ripley/Trail 429. All will likely be awesome.

I personally have questions about the no-ventilation Spark rear shock. That makes me nervous. It looks amazing, though.

Sorry for the delay, and I hope this helps!