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Saw yum yums vid early.  He’s good.  I think your points are valid. Leaning Blade.  I saw both bikes side by side and weighed both at my lbs.  429 enduro came in around 28 lbs.  The Blade they had was teetering around 30-31 lbs but it was build up a little heavy.  1-2 lbs is what it is but I’m not a weight weenie looking for a xc rig or I’d lean towards an Epic or something skinny.  The new 429 is literally a “Blade Light”.  It looks like a skinny down Switchblade.  The tubes are slightly thinner.  They shaved some weight here and there.  The  429 Enduro overlaps the Blade in many aspects.  Like u mentioned on one hand I see why some would lean 429 enduro but on another I agree in saying what’s the point just go all out Blade.  It’s like comparing a little beefier Ripley to a Ripmo.  What’s the point.  I tested both at my lbs yesterday they both very nice. For me personally I’m going to build my Blade up as light as possible top to bottom.  My lbs has a little trail loop they built in back which has a little of everything.  They both performed well.  I did notice feeling more hits on the 429 hence the lighter thinner frame.  It wasn’t a hover bike feel like the Blade.  I swear the geo on both felt identical it was weird actually.
As far as my riding it’s literally kitchen sink.  Typical after work week rides on my local are fast flowy good 2 hour lap. Nothing crazy just good cardio and climbs.  Weekend I hook up with friends and we usually are in some pretty technical rock gardens Mach chicken downhills w asteroids thrown at us.  It’s all over the map.
Reason I’m doing this is to get a more stable ride w more travel and tired of getting beat up.  These two bikes w DW Link pedal so efficiently it’s a tough call.  I’m agree w your comment on going w more travel at these weight points and for me personally having just a little heavier, thicker tubed bike will handle a little more