Reply To: Geezer eBay Bike Build


Gearing was important. Thinking back, I did around 75% of my trail riding in the middle ring and about 75% of blacktop in the big ring. But that granny gear was important when I thought about epic climbs or negotiating rocky stream crossings. Plus, I’m old now! I thought about a 1x as opposed to 2x crankset but decided to go for 2x for a couple reasons– 2x would be more flexible and slightly lower cost.

Thinking back to my old 3×9 system, the three rings were like 22-32-42 or something. I occasionally ran out of gears on long gentle blacktop descents, but the granny gear was plenty low enough. I decided to try a crazy idea– 22-44 (front) x 11-36 (cassette)…

The 44 tooth chainring was only $25 on eBay, so I wasn’t risking much. According to I would have plenty of top end and still be able to climb at a walking pace.