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Quick update here… I bought a very lightly used 2021 Specialized Epic Evo Comp today. I’m 5’10” and went with a large (my height is the cutoff between large and medium). In case it helps, here’s what went into my decision:
1. I couldn’t really make a wrong decision. Coming from where I came from, every bike I looked at was going to feel otherworldly.
2. Inventory is low. I was in no rush. Constantly monitoring deals, just to see what might come up on the short list. If I found a deal, I could go for it; if not, be patient and it’ll happen eventually.
3. Can’t pass up a good deal. I bought the bike for $3400. It was purchased new in October 2020, and ridden 60 miles. The awesome seller was choosing to keep pursuing more all mountain bikes.

4. Weight matters. Coming from a 24-25lb XC bike, seeing the 29-31lb weights of others (Ripley, Neuron CF 7/8) just didn’t feel right to me.

5. I had a heart to heart with my riding style. As long as I’ve been looking and researching (6+ months) I have never bottomed out my 100mm suspension. I have never been over biked on my old 26er. Every trail I’ve ridden would be easily mashed by the Epic, let alone the Epic Evo. Did I really need that 130-140mm bike? I decided no. The Epic Evo will be much better going both up and down than my current setup. No lingering questions.

6. The Epic Evo was progressive enough. Especially sizing up (a little), the Evo’s 66.5* HTA and 74.5* STA etc etc etc were enough for me. Others were more progressive (Izzo, Ripley, Stumpy) and I felt concerned with Neuron’s conservative numbers (same with Jet 9, Trail 429), but the Epic Evo felt like it hit the sweet spot.
7. Reviews. The new specialized lineup has gotten rave reviews. Obviously that only tells one so much. But if I’m being honest, I didn’t want a Specialized/Trek/Giant when starting my search. Something a little less ubiquitous was my hope. I got over myself and tried to think logically.

I wrote too much here, but I wanted to thank you all for contributing. Without this thread my (almost new) Epic Evo wouldn’t have been on my radar. And now, she’s hitting the singletrack tomorrow morning!