Reply To: Annoying bike problems?


<p style=”text-align: right;”>Great topic!  My suggestions:</p>
Second everyone on the creaks!  I’ve been fighting a creak in my drivetrain somewhere for 2 years.  Same with my seat.  I can do full on fork rebuilds but cannot conquer these damn creaks!  Have basically given up.

Also oils and greases too.  For oils, when do I really need to use the manufacturers brand oil?  Or what are options for using more commonly available oils instead of the crazy over priced bike brand oil.  For grease; what grease for different areas?  Or is there one type that can handle most areas?  I basically use 2 types in different areas based on my judgement (light and heavy).  No clue if I am using them correctly.  Might be good to hit on areas you can use either oil or grease (like hubs) and what is the difference.

I’m sure I’ll think of more.