Reply To: Best vehicle for mountain biking?


I am a country boy with a truck. When I started mountain biking I would toss the bike in the bed. I quickly ended up getting mounts for the bed as my bike became too precious not to have safety stowed. Then my family started biking with me and I found the bed would fill up with 4 bikes and all the other stuff a family takes on an adventure. So I moved to a hitch rack and a locking bed cover which works well for us, however, I think a good sized off road capable SUV (with a hitch rack) would be a better fit for my weekender lifestyle. I like the  enclosed/secure back of the SUV (for my precious bike). Not that this hayseed cowboy would buy a SUV… those SUVs are really just station wagons with a lift kit.

Now a minivan…. hmmm that is a thought.