Reply To: New 49yr old with basic questions


First, get a pair of padded riding shorts, they will help. Second everyone’s sit bones are different, generally a more expensive seat will be better (provide the extra expense isn’t just about being light weight) but not if it just doesn’t fit. Here is a link to top rated seats.–best-mountain-bike-saddles-reviewed-and-rated.html

I like WTB saddles and here is the link to their fitting system.

As far as your legs, make sure your seat is the right height, to low puts extra strain on knees and legs. Also best to find what is your comfort pedal rate, if your legs are getting tired but you are not out of breath, go down a gear and peddle faster, if you are out of breath before you legs get tired, try a higher gear. If they both  give out about the same time, you are probably doing it right, and you just have work up slowly to longer distances. I’m 63 and have been back riding mountain bikes for 5 years, the prior twenty years all my two wheeled adventures included an engine. When if first started back, I have worked up to 10 to 15 miles three or four times a week, with an occasional 20+ mile day, but if I take off more than a couple weeks, I’m back to anything over 4 miles makes me sore. It is just a matter of finding your pace, and doing as much as is fun, the rest will come.