Reply To: Upgrading 2019 Norco Sight C1 From 180mm Rotors to 203mm


Technically you don’t really need 200+mm rotors on the back. My Evil had 180 front and rear with no adapter on the rear, so I added adapters to both ends for 200m rotors. I have SRAM brakes.

Seeing you said 203mm I assume you have Shimano brakes and this should work on the fork.

If you have Avid/SRAM brakes you can only go 200mm and I believe it would be a 20mm post mount for the fork and a 40mm post mount for the rear. Not sure if it is the same for Shimano brakes.

If you have an adapter on the rear for the 180mm is probably a 20mm and could be moved to the front for the larger front roter.