Reply To: enduro vs "all mountain" – what is the Intense Carbine?


My personal *opinion* is that Intense thought that the Carbine would appeal to the Enduro crowd who wanted a 29er but it wasn’t nearly as slack as many of the bikes out there so it felt less like a sled hauling the mail going down. Their sponsored female rider that does very well in Enduro rides the 27.5 Tracer.

I feel that the Carbine is more of an all-mountain bike, Intense’s version of the Ripmo (which of course came later). I have two friends onto Tracer and they both are very happy with it. One is 55 and while he used to ride “big” rides with us, he now rides occasionally with his wife so it’s actually more bike that he needs as he is touring the US by motorhome full time. The other guy will be 60 in September. He had a heart attack in April 2018 while riding his SC Tallboy LT. After 45 minutes of CPR on the trail and 10+ days in a coma, he survived to ride again after being given about a 5% chance of survival. The 2018 Carbine was his gift to himself in late 2018. He rides it all over and we just came back from 4 days in Hurricane where we rode blues to double blacks. The bike is VERY capable.

I would *guess* that the SC probably has more updated geometry and of course SC comes with a great warranty and lifetime bearing replacement. They also have better resale value if you flip your bikes often. I personally like riding bikes that everybody else is not, plus most of SC’s paint and graphics choices are hideous to me. I’ve had multiple Intense bikes in the past and currently have a 3+ year old Primer that has been a fantastic, jack of all trades bike like the Ibis Ripley. I cane get a deal on a Ripley so I’m going to do a frame swap next month but wouldn’t hesitate to buy an Intense again.