Reply To: New to everything and looking for a mtn bike


Tire size is totally a matter of preference. That being said a some 29in bikes feel bigger and don’t fit shorter people as well, but certainly not all are that way.  I’m 5’9″ and prefer 27.5, my wife is 5’1″ and prefers 29..  Without test riding a couple of bikes it is near impossible to tell what fits you and what you would prefer..   The best bet without demoing bikes would be a 27.5 from one of the bigger brands.

As far as price there are relatively decent starter bikes in the $350 to $550 range but none that I know of in that range are great for upgrading down the road.  For hardtails the price where they get to be good quality and better for upgrading is from $1000 to $1500. If you opt for full suspension, the same quality is in the $2000 to $2500 range.  I personally, in the cheaper to mid range bikes, like the brands of Giant, Santa Cruz, and Salsa. But there are dozens of very good brands and bikes.

And of course, for either style, you can find top of the line bikes with cutting edge technology for over $10,000.