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I think it largely depends on the terrain you have available and type of riding you like to do, but a lot of people are certainly over-biked, and are riding “too much” tire. Growing up in New England, I always had tons of fun on my xc bike. I still have it at my folks’ house, and when I first get on it, it’s scary (mostly the geo, but also the tires), but I can pretty much ride the rocky / rooty / not steep terrain we have around with few problems. A modern, fast-rolling trail or xc tire in a light casing would be more than sufficient, and also super fast. Currently, my rides are mostly in the alps, and we have tons of super steep, rocky, loose, exposed descents. Here you can definitely not have “too much tire”. True, the aggressive, grippy, heavy tires are a pain during the uphills or on less extreme rides, but they mean the downhills become survival mode.