Reply To: Colorado skiing recommendations


I’ve skied Colorado several times, but unfortunately, I can’t say that any of these experiences have been budget friendly…quite the contrary. I’ve skied Keystone, Breckenridge, and Winter Park. All of the lift tickets went through Epic Mix, so I think the lift tickets were all comparable in price. A little cheaper to get them beforehand, rather than day-of.

Do not….I repeat, do not eat at any of the slopeside restaurants if you want to save money. These places are a total rip off. Pack a lunch and find a picnic table some where. Pack some snacks. Just think Disney World, except more expensive, if that’s possible. Depending on where you are, you can usually walk a little distance from the resort and find something reasonable. This means renting a locker and changing for the walk.

All of the times I’ve been we’ve shared a house or condo with a couple of families, so lodging has been the (relatively) cheapest part of the whole trip. And rentals actually aren’t bad. I think I got skies, boots, poles for about $200 for three days of skiing. I own all of the other gear. Again, I think if you reserve in advance you save a little money.

If you’re noobs, you’ll be amongst company, as the Christmas crowd at the ski resorts are usually more “casual” skiers…and yes, it will be uber crowded, so go ahead and have your patience packed, as well. Above all, enjoy. I’m a Georgia boy, so every time I go out west (I’ve skied Utah and Montana as well) I’m in total awe. Sometimes it just seems surreal it’s so beautiful. Lastly, I’m so jealous. For the first time in about 10 years I won’t be skiing this year.