Reply To: Your MTB plan?


Great forum topic!

I’ve been riding a long time and can’t wait for the future.  The sport just keeps getting more fun.  Here are some plans immediate and long term.

  • Improve my jumps and drops
  • Get more into winter riding (just bought some fatty studded tires I can’t wait to try).
  • Get my kids into riding and take them to see some races.
  • Travel out of state and ride, maybe PNW.
  • Buy a long travel bike and start bombing bike parks before I get too old.
  • Convince my HOA to build a bike park!  (They have a skate park so why not?)
  • Keep myself fit, not injured and having fun so I can ride into retirement age.  I’m a ways off from this but love to see the older generation logging huge miles.  When my kids are grown I fully plan on spending an insane amount of hours pedaling until my body falls apart.

So much to do.