Reply To: Lies we tell ourselves


Oh, and one that bites me all too often

“I can just ride over that stick.”

20+ years ago out on my first ride on the new bike, headed downhill on a wide open trail and ran over a large stick.  It flipped up and inserted itself through my rear wheel.  Stick hit the rear brake cables and frame.  Broke three spokes before it stopped the rear wheel dead.  I go flying over the handlebars as the front wheel turns hard right.  By some sort of bad luck my right ankle gets trapped between the top bar and handle bar.  Now I’m doing a superman with a bike attached to my foot.  Came out relatively unharmed, but the bike was broken.  Had to walk it home a few miles, and go back to the bike shop the next morning.

Last summer I rode over another stick.  Somehow it turned upwards and jammed into my right pedal, stopped my dead in my tracks.