Reply To: What riders want for pads and protection


Nope, I’m actually going into my senior year of college studying Industrial Design. I’m on an internship now but was able to get one through my school where I work for myself pursuing my own idea/business plan.

Anyways… back to the topic at hand.

Now that it’s getting colder (I’m in New Hampshire) it’s nice to have a warmer/thicker pad on cause it helps keep the legs warm too, but during the warmer seasons its miserable to ride with anything that doesn’t breathe.

Do you ride clipless pedals or flat pedals? If you ride flats, do you ever hit your shins or calves on the pedals?

Would you be able to describe your ideal form of protection? Include things like shin/ankle protection to if you want, like a fully integrated system of padding?

Thanks again for being so responsive!