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@MikeyFlo86: “Dr Sweets, Your comment about the stem being the factor that is giving me the length I want is what has me concerned. I am very comfortable on my current bike and it looks like even with the longer/slacker trend, that I need to size up to get a similar feeling without using a longer than recommended stem on most new bikes.

I am afraid that going to a large frame will have me feeling much too far forward on the bike, unless I shouldn’t consider the stem length when looking at frame sizing. If that’s the case, then everything makes sense again! haha

Also, I am looking at Evil bikes because of the 40% off sale they have on frames, and The Following is unfortunately sold out already.”

Please be aware of the fact that your Stache and The Calling were designed with very different handling/riding goals. Every modern bike over the last few years puts the rider more upright and centered on the bike. If you are dead set on the length you are at, then yeah, you should size up and go with a very short stem to taste. That said, don’t consider stem length when looking frames as that is variable that can be changed whereas the frame size mostly cannot. IMHO, I would still recommend you go with a large. You will be more upright and way more comfortable. Lastly, tbh I think you will find The Calling to be exponentially more capable than the Stache.