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@MikeyFlo86: “Plusbike Nerd, looking at the top tube+ stem makes my current bike look HUGE compared to all the bikes I am looking at (620+90=710mm; Evil The Calling 624+40=662mm). I can’t image that my Stache hardtail from 2013 was that ahead of it’s time geometry wise to be longer/slacker than most current trail bikes, but I cannot seem to understand the geometry measurements that compare to what I am feeling on the bike.”

The Stache isn’t bigger at all, but you are using a much longer stem. 50mm is a huge difference when it comes to body position and handling. Shit, I haven’t used a 90mm stem on anything road bikes included for more than a dozen years. It’s a damn reverse tiller that puts you way too far out over the front giving plenty of opportunity to go over the bars. A longer top tube with a shorter stem provides both a more balanced and safe ride.

As for your height and The Calling, get a large. The XL is really too much for the bike it is and really doesn’t work well for any climbing. Our owner at 6’3″ had an XL and hated it as he was too far over the back of the bike for a solid pedaling position. BTW, the biggest stem he runs is a 50mm.

Lastly, I’d recommend you consider a 29er. Yes, they simply fit taller people better. The Calling is the bike to get if you want to thrash everything and be a complete hooligan on even the most tame trails. Evil’s 29ers will do this too, but also let you haul ass up, over, and off of everything as well.