Reply To: Lets talk…TIRES!


If you’re after flat-out grip, the Vigilante 2.5 is a great choice. I’ve been running them on my hardtail the past year and they’re some of the grippiest tires I’ve ever ridden, particularly in loose corners. They tend to squirm a bit on very hard ground. The downside to all that grip is that they roll extremely slowly. I ignored it for a while, since my hardtail was also on bikepark duty, but now I’ve switched to a Trail Boss 2.4 up front. It’s faster rolling and still pretty grippy in loose dirt. I imagine it will make an excellent rear tire as well. I haven’t ridden a dhr ii before, but I imagine it will roll faster than the Vigilante. For your bike specifically I might suggest trying a WTB Trail Boss 2.6 up front and a 2.4 out back. Some other front options could be a Maxxis high roller ii or an e*thirteen trs. I like the high roller front and back, although you really need to ride aggressively to get the most out of it in the corners. I like the old versions of the e*thirteen tires, and I hear the new rounder one rolls even faster. The old ones are on sale here. Plus compound is faster rolling and race is stickier. There’s also the new Maxxis Dissector to consider, which looks like a promising aggressive trail bike tire front and rear.