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Up untill this year i rode a gt avalanche with a marz airfork pumped up so high its basically rigid. Used to smoke my pals on technical and demanding terrain, even rode a junker trek full rigidcrap brakes and slicks on local flow trail system and would straight embarass guys on FS bikes. Land the transition ya know. But then i splurged and bought an enduro with 170 front and back, downhill grade brakes, dropper etc. Sadly I cant go back. If I pull out the old GT i can barely ride it to the store. New geometry and burly running gear has me going so fast and cleaning up and downhill chunky stuff. I cant go back. Plus Im old now. 3 hours into a serious ride its nice to sit down and let the bike take all the abuse. Only problem ive had is bent rims, torn tires, destroyed rear derailleur, because i dont even care about a clean line through rough stuff, cant feel anything in the rear till major damage is done and tubless sealant is literally everywhere. Its like switching to a motocross bike. Whole new world and I really loved the old hair shirt and self fladulation from my hardtail and basically rigid fork!